Maharajaprasarini Thailam AVP

Size: 25ML
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Maharajaprasarini Thailam is a famous Ayurveda oil used for internal and external applications. It is used in neurological problems. This oil is also available in capsule form.

Maharajaprasarini tailam benefits:
It is used in all Vata related diseases.

Vata related diseases comprise of:
- Neurological diseases like neuritis, neuralgia, paralysis and
- Skeleto-muscular complaints like arthritis, muscular dystrophy, myalgia, Trigeminal neuralgia, tendinitis etc.
- Promotes sex and potency in males, improves sexual strength, useful in premature ejaculation, and sex weakness.
- Is of proven effect in vaginal discharge, gulma and infertility in women.
- Not only humans but also elephants and horses debilitated with vata, benefit from this.

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