Samvruddhi Herbal Deepam Oil

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Size: 1 Liter
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Sri Agastya Maharishi in his Divine scripture "Brahmarahasyam" has stated that with the aid of Positive and Powerful light energy, one can acquire good health, wealth and prosperity.

Deepam is a wonderful tool to connect you with your GOD. The oils used to light the Deepam must also have the quality of Divinity to aid in the connectivity. Samvruddhi Herbal Deepa Thailam is a blend of quality oils and Powerful Divine Herbs, processed according to our vedic texts is prepared with Devotion without disturbing the natural powers of the ingredients used with relevant Vedic Chantings on auspicious days (Muhurat), as per the Revered Sage's directives. Thus the vibrations which emerge from our Samvruddhi Herbal Deepa Thailam will work as 3 dimensional Vaastu Protector, Positive Energy Enhancer and Bestower of Peace and Prosperity.


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