Dhanvantari Rasayana - Hair Care

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Dhanvantari Rasayana increases the resistance of the body to common diseases. It is a nutritive tonic for longevity and charges the body with energy. Ayurveda highly recommends the use of this churna for everyone above the age of 40. “Age gracefully with Rasayan Churna.” Aids the growth of new black hair.

Churna is a unique combination of three very significant Rasayana – rejuvenative herbs which are antioxidant, anti viral and anti inflammatory herbs. This Ayurvedic formula improves immunity against viral fever and is also beneficial in urinary tract problems. People of all ages and constitution can use it on a regular basis without any side effects. The ingredients of this formulation impart powerful rejuvenative properties. When taken regularly for extended periods, it accords longevity, enhances memory, improves health, bestows youth & energy, and develops immunity and body resistance.

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