Ajamamsa Rasayanam (AVP)

Size: 500ML
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Ajamamsa Rasayana is prepared both in herbal ghee and jam form. It is used to treat Vata Disorders like loss of strength, hemiplegia etc.
It is made of goat meat, hence it is a non-vegeterian Ayurvedic medicine.

- It is also used to treat cough and cold.
- Vaginal pain
- Hip pain, abdominal pain due to menstruation.
- It helps to gain weight
- It is useful in promoting strength of bones and joints.
- It acts as an excellent anti inflammatory and analgesic medicine.
- It is also used to treat ankle pain, slipped disc, sprain, back spasm, backache, stiffness of muscles, and coccyx pain

Ajamamsa Rasayana is also known to be partially useful in (along with other medicines):
- Avascular Necrosis
- Sensory- neural hearing loss
- Hypothyroidism
- Pain related to SLE

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