Amla Juice- with Vitamin C

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Amla Juice a fruit concentrate made from the popular India Gooseberry. It is made from the fresh Gooseberries grown in our own Orchard to give you the goodness of natural Vitamin C.

Amla Juice does NOT contain sugar or any other sweetener and hence is recommended for any one with Diabetes. It would be ideal replacement for all artificially flavored drinks. Besides the numerous properties attributed Amla in Ayurveda it is well established as an anti-oxidant, immune booster and a rejuvenative by modern researchers. We would recommend Amla Juice to be used daily by Diabetic and those who don't like to use sugar for improving their immunity.

An ideal dilution would be 1part with three parts of water, can be served at ambient temperature or chilled. One may add honey or any sweetener to taste.

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