Citrine bracelet for financial luck

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The bracelet is made up of natural citrine beads for Financial luck- Beautiful round beads.

  • One bunch at the entrance of each room door.
  • Stretchable elastic handmade bracelet | Natural healing stone for Vastu |Reiki and crystal healing, yoga, feng shui, numerology, tarot & astrology advantages.
  • Authentic and genuine material & original natural healing crystal stones.
  • Stylish daily / party / office / casual fashion jewellery wear healing accessories for men/women/boys/girls
  • Best for gifting your loved ones for wedding, birthday, valentines day.
  • all rough crystal or polished in forms of tumbles/ pyramids/ pendants/ balls/ bracelets /wands etc. Minor flaws include- inclusion mars, streaks/ geological cracks - these should be accepted as it occurs naturally.

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