Haridrakandam AVP

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Haridra Khand is a very famous and highly effective Ayurvedic medicine for allergies. It is in granules form. Its main ingredient is Haridra – turmeric. It is also known as Haridra Khand, Haridra Khandam.

Haridra Khand benefits:

It is used widely in the treatment of allergic skin diseases, and itching skin diseases. It Improves skin quality and complexion.
It helps decrease itching skin disorders, pruritus, blisters, fungal skin infections, allergic skin conditions, hives and skin diseases due to skin contact with cold objects.

Ayurveda practitioners also suggest this for the treatment of
Allergic hives
Allergic dermatitis
Allergic rhinitis with cough due to change of place or change of season.
Scalp itching, scalp psoriasis
Blemishes, allergic dark spots.

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