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JEEVANI is an ayurvedic herbal preparation. This herbal formulation is highly beneficial in treating female infertility as well problems related with menstruations. Also it acts as a complete health tonic for women.

Indication: Kastartava, Raktapradara, swetapradara, katishoola, pandu. Uterine Tonic and Vitaliser.

Dosage: 2 teaspoonful to be taken with 4 teaspoonful of boiled water or as directed by the physician.


It is a reliable uterine tonic sedative and alterative. It works efficiently in sterility, repeated abortions, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia and leucorrhea.
It is also useful in burning pains of the eyes and extremities, neuralgic pains of the back and waist, lassitude, biliousness, anemia, debility and palpitations of the heart. Apart from this it acts as a nutritive and vitalizer.

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