Koosmanda Rasayanam AVP

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Kushmanda rasayana is a famous Ayurvedic medicine in herbal jam form. It is a nourishing Ayurvedic medicine, used in respiratory conditions, to improve immunity and strength. It is also known by the terms Kooshmanda rasayana, Kushmanda avalaeha, Kushmanda lehyam, Kushmandavaleha, Kooshmandavaleha, and Kusmandarasayanam.

- Kushmanda rasayana is used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, emaciation, chronic respiratory conditions requiring nutrition and strength, and vomiting.
- It is usually administered after a person has recovered from a fever, to improve strength.
- It is also used along with or after anti-tuberculosis treatment to improve general health, strength and weight.
- It helps to minimize the side effects of anti-tuberculosis medications by supporting the liver and improving digestion and providing much needed respiratory strength.
- It brings about rejuvenation, and improves strength.

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