Tulasi Turmeric Blend

Size: 20gm
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Organic turmeric powder, Tulasi leaves, elaichi, cloves, edible



Combination of Tulasi and Turmeric with other spices helps in purifying water we store for drinking. Drinking this water protects us from infections caused by bacteria and viruses.


How to use

·Every day, mix one teaspoon of this blend with 5 litres of drinking water.
·All the family members including children 12 years and above to drink 1 litre of water. Children 5-12 years old to drink half a litre of Tulasi Turmeric water.
·Better to avoid plastic bottles or plastic jugs or plastic tumblers to store or drink this water.

(Or) As prescribed by doctor
(Advisory Warning: not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage)

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